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Retirement Is Scary; Plan It Out

Retirement creates many challenges. Unfortunately, while about 10,000 Americans retire daily, the sad truth is that most people seem to spend less time planning for retirement than they do for a vacation. Anxiety regarding our futures is a …Read More.

Beware The Drag Of Collar Strategies

It’s been well-documented that, in general, investors are risk-averse. This aversion to losses leads many investors to seek “tail protection” strategies. And the most direct way to obtain downside protection is to buy put options. However, purchasing volatility …Read More.

Hedge Funds Choke In Crises

Among the arguments made for investing in hedge funds is that they reduce the tail risks of traditional portfolios. In other words, they are expected to at least avoid the impact of market crises. Unfortunately, the 1998 implosion …Read More.

Watch Out For Potholes

Simon Lack’s first book, “The Hedge Fund Mirage: The Illusion of Big Money and Why It’s Too Good to Be True,” chronicles the history of the hedge fund, highlighting many subtle and not-so-subtle ways that risks and returns …Read More.

Mispricing Isn’t Going Anywhere

Financial research has uncovered many anomalies (mispricings) that persist even well after they’ve been discovered, the findings are published and their existence becomes widely known. The most well-known anomalies that represent violations of the Fama-French three-factor model (market …Read More.

Analysts’ Disappearing Edge

A long-standing anomaly for efficient markets has been what’s called “post-revision return drift” (PRD). Research into stock returns has found that changes in sell-side analyst recommendations for buying and selling stocks predict future long-term returns in the same …Read More.

Politics Can Sway Investing

It seems that in the upcoming presidential election, American voters will be faced with choosing between two candidates with the highest unfavorable ratings in history. It’s either that (at least if the parties’ national conventions go as expected), …Read More.

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